The MSC sees the encouragement of children through sports education as a key area of focus. We are developing a number initiatives which will be delivered in schools to motivate children to take up sport as a regular activity, both during their time in education and recreationally.

We have experienced and knowledgeable members from the charity who work with young people every day and they will be instrumental in forging these relationships with schools and connecting with children so they enjoy these initiatives and learn about healthy living and healthy eating.

As research suggests that diseases and illnesses are linked to an unhealthy lifestyle, the MSC believes it is important that we utilise the resources we have in inspiring children to live better lives and make the right choices.


It is vitally important that issues related to faith, diversity and anti-discrimination in sport is made available and shared with everyone. The MSC will be a voice on these matters and with our online, mobile and social media platforms, we believe this will break down barriers, develop better understanding on important issues and create an environment where people from all backgrounds and cultures can work together towards a better future.

The MSC will form a number of initiatives to enable its members to develop ideas and solutions for athletes to become even better and for organisations to deal with issues properly and adequately.

Whether it is through our Guidance group, guidebooks, workshops & seminars or word-of-mouth, the MSC will endeavour to work with its partners and ambassadors in creating opportunities for people to achieve success and to promote diversity and eradicate discrimination at all levels.


The MSC is focused on all levels of sport; whether it is professional athletes or that we are committed to providing the correct guidance for grassroots level sport. This entails the charity in acting as a point of contact to help individuals find the best level of services, coaching and training in enhancing their careers.

We aim to analyse the role of sport in various communities and consider practical approaches and strategies for developing sport in a range of applied settings. Aspects such as healthy living, volunteers & coaching, physical activity in schools will be encouraged through research and planning.

Furthermore, the MSC can co-ordinate students to partake in sports development courses at universities and point them in the right direction in gaining qualifications and coaching.


It is the role of MSC to act as an advisory body for its partners and ambassadors. We believe that sports organisations should not take a reactionary approach to catering for athletes that wish to practice their faith within sport, but rather a proactive approach to cater for their needs.

This can be achieved by consulting with the MSC and discussing important factors which will help players and athletes maintain their optimum level whilst living a lifestyle which is suitable and appropriate for them

Research, guidance, information and advice are all fundamental pillars of providing solutions and recommendations to everyone connected to the MSC and we believe that these elements will enable people to succeed further and be better!

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